Ares – Free or Paid?

If you’ve ever been onto the Google search engine and made a search related to Ares Galaxy then you may well have found a lot of websites trying to get money from you by trying to make you pay for this piece of software. This has led to a lot of confusion amongst users – is Ares a free or a paid software? In this article, we’re going to do our best to explain the truth to you so that you know exactly what is going on.

Paid Versions

Because of the open source nature of the application, companies are allowed to charge  you for Ares Galaxy if they want to do so. Of course, with the number of companies around you aren’t forced to pay for it, it is actually optional. These companies have huge marketing budgets so they want to make it seem like you have to pay for it, sometimes even giving it a different name to try and mislead you into thinking it is something else. There really is no difference between the one they offer and make you pay a monthly subscription for and the free versions that are currently on offer, which we’re going to talk about now.

Free Versions

Of course, companies are also allowed to distribute Ares Galaxy free of charge which is exactly as they should be doing. The original source of the application can be downloaded by anyone who wants it, there is nothing stopping them from doing so. They can distribute it themselves however they like as long as they also include the genuine source code without any modifications to it.  For this reason, if you want a free version then you’ll be able to get the free version. You aren’t forced to pay anything if you don’t want to and we actually recommend that you don’t pay for it, there simply is no benefit. We’ve actually linked to a website that you might be interested in and that will be able to offer what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, Ares Galaxy is indeed a free file sharing application and we don’t want anybody else to convince you otherwise. There is no “improved” versions of it around, the software works perfectly by itself so no improvements are actually required in our opinion, although this could be biased. Either way, you need to go ahead and install it now if you want to be able to get the best types of files available free of charge.

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